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Treasure, Tool, or Trash? Part 1 – “We have too much stuff!”

Recently, my husband and I had were having a conversation about the state of our home. He said to me, “It doesn’t seem to matter how much you clean or how much we reorganize things, it still feels like chaos in our home. We have too much stuff!”

I heard a friend of mine say a few weeks ago that her home is full of things, and she has a storage unit she’s paying for that’s full as well. She came to the conclusion that since she has not gone and gotten anything out of that storage unit in over a year, she probably doesn’t need anything in there and won’t miss it all if it were gone.

We went and visited my husband’s aunt and uncle on a Saturday earlier this month and found them to be doing some spring cleaning. She was finding things shoved in the back of closets that she didn’t even know she had, and she said “If I haven’t used it yet, I probably won’t!”

Our culture here in the U.S. is one where we seem to think we need more and more and more. We impulse buy all kinds of things we don’t need because we think we do, or because we think it’s cool, or because we want to have the things other people have, or for many other reasons. You can take Christmas time for example. We see pictures of gifts overflowing out from under the tree and filling the room. We see stores selling out of the “hot toys” and then finding them online for insane prices, which people pay because they HAVE TO have it. Advertising is big business. We even look forward to watching and rating commercials played during a *certain* football game every February. It has to be bigger, funnier, more inspiring, and all in the name of trying to talk us into buying more stuff!

When we have all this stuff, then we have to have some where to put it. More storage totes, bigger houses, new organization systems. We have to protect our stuff with locks and alarms and cameras. We have to buy more stuff to hold the stuff that we bought! Then we spend a lot of time putting these things away, then moving them around again as we get more, trying to keep it all safe, and working to keep it clean and tidy.

When we think about it that way, it really doesn’t make sense does it? Why keep things we don’t need and don’t use? Why keep getting more, when we don’t have the time or space for what we already have? Why do we do this to ourselves? I believe that we have been deceived by the enemy of our souls into thinking that having more stuff makes us happier, gives us higher social status, fills our needs, and is the normal and correct way to live. But the truth is that having too much stuff makes us less happy, less productive, and takes time away from what we should be doing.

In Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus says “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

This is a big statement from our Savior in regard to how we ought to live. It directly contradicts what our culture teaches us and what the devil would have us believe. So how can we make the changes we need to make in order to be obedient to God? This is a large topic with a lot I would like to cover, so I will be posting more about it throughout this week. Some things I will cover are:

  • The heart behind treasures (Part 2)
  • How to differentiate between treasures, tools and trash (Part 3)
  • Tips on how to clear out some of the stuff (Part 3)
  • Tips on organizing the stuff you keep (Part 4)
  • Ideas for giving gifts without buying more stuff (Part 4)

I will be teaching all of this to myself as I am chatting with you all about it. Remember, my husband even expressed that we have too much stuff! I also want you to remember that old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” What I consider a need may be a want to you, and vis versa. It is not anyone’s job to decide for someone else what they need or should have (with the exception of parents with their minor children of course). I may make suggestions and give my opinion on certain things in the coming posts, but you have to consider what works for you and what God is speaking to you about it. This is a personal matter inside of your family and your relationship with the Lord.

I can’t wait to get started on this journey to better obedience and a simpler life with you! Thank you for coming along with me!

4 thoughts on “Treasure, Tool, or Trash? Part 1 – “We have too much stuff!”

  1. Real food for thought Jennifer. I lost my Mother 6 months ago and as we are going through her accumulations it has really given me a new perspective on material things. After 86 yrs of living it comes down to all the material possessions she acquired and hung on to, her children will go through salvage a few and rest will be tossed out.

  2. Good Topic! We are struggling with getting rid of stuff too. Things for projects, paperwork, etc I’m constantly reminded to pray about everything. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been saying this for years, no one needs all that crap!!, a good rule to have, if I buy that I need to get rid of 2 things you don’t use!!!, another Idea I liked was from ???(Wayne Dryier)????, giving away everything you don’t use and giving away some of your favorite things too, this is true giving…
    Love the blog!
    Aunt Phyllis

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