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Test This Thursday – Oatmeal Rosacea Mask

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Test This Thursday! As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have a chronic skin condition called Rosacea. Rosacea cannot be cured, but it can be managed with oral and topical medications. However, I sometimes still get flare ups. In looking for a possible home remedy for my current flare up I came across a Pinterest pin talking about a home made mask that is supposed to calm a flare up! And I happened to already have everything I needed to make the mask! So, naturally, I had to try it.

This is my skin before I tried the mask. Its red, bumpy, and tender. There are some spots of dry skin and even a pimple on my nose. It’s itchy and just generally uncomfortable feeling as well.

I really hate when my skin is like this. I have had well meaning acquaintances ask if I have a sun burn. I have had curious young children ask me what’s wrong with my face. I can’t wear make up to cover it up either. It just makes it itch worse, and often flakes right back off because of the dry skin. Even if I exfoliate first! So if there is a simple way to get my skin under control I am definitely willing to try it!

My first order of business was to dig out the ingredients and mix up this mask. The recipe didn’t specify how much of each ingredient should be in the mixture, so I had to play with it a little to find a good consistency. I ended up using 1/4 Cup of oatmeal, which I ground up in my Magic Bullet to be a coarse flour consistency. Then I added 1 tablespoon each of organic extra virgin olive oil and raw honey. I mixed them into a paste and it was ready to apply.

I found that the easiest way for me to apply it was using the back of a spoon. It went on thick and smooth, and then I just had to wait 20 minutes.



At about 5 minutes into the waiting, my skin started to get REALLY itchy.

After about 10 minutes the itching lessened, which is good because I was about ready to rip my skin off of my face along with the mask!


When my timer went off at 20 minutes I gently wiped the mask off with a soft, wet wash cloth, then rinsed my face with lukewarm water. The itching did not completely stop with removal of the mask.

I let my skin rest for about 5 minutes or so, and then took an after picture to show you guys:



No significant change. The pimple popped at some point, but the redness is still there. The bumps are still there. What’s worse, my skin STILL ITCHES! I’m more itchy now than I was before I did the mask! I am so bummed! My hopes were so high for this experiment!

Did I do something wrong? I’ve never used a mask before, let alone made my own, so that is possible. Was the ingredient ratio wrong? Should it have been on longer? Or maybe a shorter amount of time? If you know the answers to my questions, please let me know in the comments! I would love to revisit this at another time and see if I can get it to work for me. But for right now:

Test This Thursday Result: Oatmeal Rosacea Mask – didn’t work for me. 


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