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Test This Thursday – DIY Tarnish Remover

Do you own any silver jewelry or flatware? I only have 1 silver bracelet. It’s not that I don’t like silver, I actually think it’s quite pretty. The problem is the tarnish that builds up on it over time. I would probably be more apt to wear silver if the tarnish wasn’t such a problem. I don’t want to take the time to scrub and polish it every time I want to wear it. So when I came across this tarnish remover that claims to clean your silver in only 5 minutes, I was intrigued. Better yet, it only uses ingredients I already have in my pantry! Could it really be that easy? For this week’s Test This Thursday, we’ll find out!

This is my tarnished silver bracelet. It could really use some love! I like it but I hate the tarnish.

First I grabbed a bowl out of my cupboard and lined it with foil. I don’t know if it helps in the cleaning process at all, but it’s sure to help make the clean up afterward easier! Then, following the directions, I poured 1/2 Cup of baking soda and 2 Tablespoons of Salt into the bowl. Next, I added the boiling water. Adding the water made the mixture fizz and bubble.

Now it was time to put my bracelet in the bowl, set the timer for 5 minutes and wait. After the 5 minutes I took the bracelet out to see what it looked like. I used tongs to grab it because the mixture was still hot!

It looked the same as it had 5 minutes before. So I thought to myself, maybe I need to scrub it a little bit to wipe the tarnish off. Wiping it with a towel helped a little bit, but didn’t take it all off.

Look at all the dirt that came off!

I put my bracelet back in the bowl for 5 more minutes. Then when I took it back out I scrubbed it with the towel some more. This was my final result:

It’s not perfect, there are still some spots that didn’t come clean. My bracelet looks a lot better now, though! You can actually tell it’s silver! Maybe I can think of the tarnished spots as antiquing?

Test This Thursday Result: Kind of worked for me.

Do you know of a better tarnish remover I could use? Or a way I could tweak this one for better results? Let me know in the comments!

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