Test This Thursday

Test This Thursday – DIY Car Air Freshener

Part of minding the Kings is running us all around to where we need to go. I drop off and pick up the older 2 King kids from school 5 days a week. I take my daughter to cheerleading. Getting groceries is a weekly run, along with any other errands that come up. So we end up being in my van a lot! Sometimes my kids will leave jackets, shoes, food wrappers, and other junk in the van that makes it not smell the best. Then when my van sits in the hot sun, like it has since the weather has finally warmed up, it gets that hot plastic smell to it. Well, I found a life hack on Pinterest that is supposed to help with this problem! This week’s Test This Thursday is a DIY car air freshener!

I couldn’t find a jar around my home that already had holes in the top, and I didn’t want to put holes in one of my canning lids, so I improvised. Taking a piece of card stock, I cut it to the same size as a canning lid. Then I poked holes in that for the smell of the air freshener/ wax cube to come through.

Easy peasy. Now it was just a matter of choosing my wax and putting it in my car. I LOVE wax melts, and I have a bunch of different kinds, including Vanilla, Wild Berry Cheesecake, and Crisp Green Apple. For my car I chose Melon Kiwi. It’s a fun summer scent that isn’t so strong as to give me or my passengers a headache.

Now it was all ready to go in my van! I set it in the cup holder, right in direct sunlight, and waited. My van is black inside and out, so it does get really hot inside in the 80+ degree sunny weather we’ve been having.

About 3 hours later My daughter and I got into the van to head to cheerleading. And for me to check on the air freshener. The wax didn’t melt at all, like the graphic said it would. However, we did still smell the scent of the wax. It was faint, but it did smell good.

Test This Thursday Result: kind of worked for me.

Have you ever tried this trick? How did it work for you? What are your favorite scents for wax cubes or candles? Let me know in the comments!

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