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Test This Thurdsay – Condensed Milk Crock Pot Caramel

What day is it…? Oh yeah, its Test This Thursday! One of my favorite days, because I have the opportunity to tell you all about my adventures in testing out ideas from all across the internet!

This week I tried my hand at making caramel from a can of sweetened condensed milk. The premise is super simple: place an unopened can of the condensed milk in your crock pot, cover completely with water, cook on high for 8 hours, and cool before opening. Then you will end up with this magical treat that can be used as an ice cream topping, dip for apples or other snacks, ingredient in home made candy bars, and more!

I’ve seen the warnings though too. People have tried it only to have the can explode and make a huge mess. Some have tried it and had it turn out grainy or only partially done after the 8 hours. So I decided I had to give it a try for myself.

I started by reading some tips others have posted about doing this. Specifically these tips by Sarah at Taming Twins. Then I got out the short list of needed supplies, implemented the tips I was able to, and waited the 8 hours for it to cook. I made sure to peak at it a few times to make sure it was still completely covered by the water, but otherwise left it alone. Then I waited a few more hours for it to cool. That really is all there is to it. This “recipe” is so SO easy and look how it turned out!


Super thick and yummy looking! The reason it’s so thick here is because it’s cold. Warming it back up some in the microwave made it creamy and spreadable. Cold or warmed up, it is still delicious! I’m looking forward to dipping some apples into it tonight for dessert!

Test This Thursday Result: Condensed Milk Caramel – worked for me!

If there’s anything you want to see me test, let me know in the comments, or email me at jenniferking@mindingthekings.com!

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