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Scripture Writing – Freebies and Round-Up!

As a teen, after first coming to the Lord, I would write down Bible verses that stood out to me as I read. I would also write ones that were highlighted in the Sunday sermons at church or the Wednesday youth message as well. At the time it was my way of trying to remember these new concepts. Now, I know this practice is called Scripture writing, and is a form of Bible study!

Scripture Writing as Bible Study

What I was naturally doing, as the list and writing person that I am, is a great way to study the Bible. When you write down scriptures it helps you to remember them better. You have to slow down and take in each individual word. It causes you to meditate longer on what the passage is really speaking, rather than passing by it quickly while just reading through a chapter. It also activates more of your brain, similarly to the way Bible Journaling does. This helps the concepts really stick.

How I’ve Started Writing the Scriptures

Over the past couple months, after finding journals I had written verses in when I was younger, I have started to return to scripture writing in my Bible study time.

I bought myself a cute notebook and some colored pens to make it special, and writing with a different color each day helps me to visually track my progress better.

Scripture Writing notebook, pens, Bible, and Plan - Minding the Kings

Deciding what to write was a little trickier getting started again. I could go back through and just write down favorite verses. I could read a chapter and write down a couple verses that stood out to me. What I decided at this time, though, to go with a topical study. I had mentioned on Instagram how I had been feeling overwhelmed, and decided to start there. So I searched for scriptures relating to my topic and away I went.

Writing out my Overwhelmed Woman Scripture Writing Plan - Minding the Kings

Writing these Bible verses out, meditating on them and praying them has really helped me to remember to lean on the Lord and to trust Him. I wanted to share this 2 week study with you, so I created an Overwhelmed Heart Scripture Writing Plan as a freebie! I just added it to my Freebie Library yesterday! To get that just subscribe and become a site member. Then I will send you the password for full access to all the free printables I’ve created.

Once I was done with the scriptures on being overwhelmed, I decided to move on with writing the book of James. The free scripture writing plan for that is also in my Freebie Library now!

Scripture Writing Round-up

Now, I am not the only blogger who has gone the scripture writing route for Bible study, or the only one who has created writing plans. Several of my sisters in Christ have created excellent scripture writing resources.

Benefits of Writing Scripture - Woman of Noble Character - Scripture Writing Round-up - Minding the Kings

Sue at Woman of Noble Character wrote this wonderful post on the Benefits of Writing Scripture as part of your worship and devotional time. She also posts new themed Bible writing plans for each month.

Your Ultimate Guide to Scripture Writing  - Embracing the Lovely - Minding the Kings

This guide by Lil at Embracing the Lovely has a lot of beautiful ideas for getting creative with scripture writing using whatever you have on hand. She includes an explanation of why this practice is so important to our spiritual lives as well.

Handwriting the Scriptures - Offering Grace - Scripture Writing Round-Up - Minding the Kings

Leigha at Offering Grace wrote this very relateable post about Handwriting the Scriptures. She even includes what the Bible itself says about the topic!

Can Writing Out the Bible Help Your Faith? - Woman's Tabletop Friendship - Minding the Kings

Cindy at 215 Ministry (formerly Women’s Tabletop Friendship) has a couple of scripture writing posts I’d like to highlight. The first is, Can Writing Out the Bible Help Your Faith? This post has some great tips on why we should write, what we should write, and how to get started. Her other post is, Praise & Worship: An Unexpected Result of Bible Writing. As someone who holds worship close to my heart, this post hit home for me. Cindy creates scripture writing plans for her Bible Study Group as well, so make sure to check that out too!

What is Scripture Writing - Coffee with Starla - Minding the Kings

On Starla’s blog Coffee with Starla, she has an abundance of scripture writing posts and plans! One that I really like is What Is Scripture Writing? She includes reccommendations for some of her favorite journals and pens for scripture writing, and an explination of how this practice brings freedom! A couple of her plans I have pinned to come back to later are Controlling our Emotions and Stress Relief.

September Scripture Writing Plan - Just a Simple Home - Minding the Kings

Terryn from Just a simple Home creates and posts monthly scripture reading plans. September is only a few days away, and her topic for the new plan is Goodness.

Diligent Woman Worship Writing Plan - Minding the Kings

The latest writing plan (as of the publishing date of this post) from The Diligent Woman is on the topic of worship! I really enjoyed this post she wrote to introduce it.

Shelly of Victorious Living has 9 scripture writing plans available on her blog, and hopefully more to come! The most recent plan (as of when I publish this post) is on the topic of Confidence through Christ.

Finally, Footprints of Inspiration has created a Scripture Writing Challenge to help you get started in this new Bible study venture! All you do is subscribe to receive a verse each day sent directly to your email inbox!

Scripture Writing Freebies and Round-Up - Minding the Kings
Scripture Writing Round-Up - Minding the Kings

Thank you to all of the bloggers listed for making these resources readily available for us!

Now tell me, do you practice scripture writing in your Bible study or worship time? If not, would you like to try? Which one of these plans would you start with? Let’s chat in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Scripture Writing – Freebies and Round-Up!

  1. Such a great collection of scripture writing plans and freebies all in one place! This is a wonderful resource for your readers, Jennifer. I’m thankful to be included as well! Have a blessed day, Cindy

  2. Jennifer, I have written Scripture before, but not in an organized way as you mention here. And certainly not in a separate cute notebook. 🙂 I love to write out Scripture and insert my name and the names of others and pray it. But doing this method for a Bible study is a great idea!

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