“Potty” Bank – Toddler Potty Training Hack

If there is one thing that most parents have in common, its going through potty training our children. Often times potty training is a frustrating time for parents and children alike. What makes it harder is the fact that each child is so different, and what works for one may not work for another! That’s why there are so many different methods out there. Some parents use a sticker chart and reward their child, some use the 3 day method, and others celebrate each success with a special song and dance. Today I’m going to give all the struggling parents one more idea to consider during your potty training adventure.

Every child I have ever met has been fascinated with coins. My youngest loves to dump coins out of my coin jar just to drop them back in again. So I decided to make a special “potty” bank for my youngest. It’s like a piggy bank made specially for a potty training toddler. I made this one for him out of a plastic peanut butter jar. When the jar was empty I simply took the label off of it and washed it thoroughly. Then I cut a coin slot in the lid, and printed a new label for the outside. Easy-peasy, and he loves it!

We keep the bank on the shelf above the toilet and we keep coins at the ready. That way, as soon as he’s done his business our little man gets his reward! We want to reinforce this good habit quickly and consistently for the best results.

Our reward system is simple too: every time he tries to go he gets a penny. Each time he pees on the potty he gets a nickle. For every poop on the potty he gets a dime, and every day without an accident earns him a quarter. Once he is fully trained he will get to take all of his money to the store and pick a toy or whatever he wants to spend it on!

The youngest King with his potty bank

One more thing I want to mention is, I find it a lot easier to train kids by putting them straight into underwear. Training diapers seem to confuse kids, and they don’t feel it when they are wet. With the underwear on they know when they are wet and they don’t like it!

Let me know in the comments how this idea worked for you, or if you have any other tips you’d like to share!

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