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Mother’s Day Encouragement

A couple years ago I was asked to address the ladies at my church on Mother’s day. My Pastor’s wife wanted me to share some Mother’s Day encouragement for the ladies in the church who may be struggling with their role as a parent, how that role fits in to the rest of their lives, and how that role affects who they are. Even though I am one of those who struggle with this very thing sometimes, God gave me a word. He spoke this message to me, for me, and for me to share.

With Mother’s day coming up again on Sunday, I wanted to share this Mother’s Day encouragement with the rest of the world outside of the ladies in my little church. The words still ring true 2 years later, and I believe they always will.

More than a Mother - Mother's Day Encouragement - Minding the Kings

The Motherhood Score Card

Dear Moms,

There is more to you than your motherhood. I know that during this season of your life you can begin to see yourself as ONLY a mom. You may feel as though all you are is tied up in your children.

The world has a sort of score card for what makes a mom good and valuable. It seems as if your value is determined by the number of children you have. If you stay home with them or if you go to work. By your method of discipline. By how well they do in school, or which extracurricular activities they are involved in. You may feel judged on how involved you are in their schooling and activities.

You may have it stuck in your mind that your value is based on what you feed your family. By how clean your children are, and how often they remember to use their manners. Even by how they behave at the park, in a restaurant, or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

You may be feeling the pressure in other areas as well. As though your value is determined by what kind of car you drive. By the size of your house, and how clean it is. The world seems to be telling you that your value is in how you look, what clothes you wear, and how you do your hair. Or that it fluctuates based on your marital status, your age, the numbers on the bank statement, and the count of your accomplishments and mistakes.

A Mother’s True Value

Moms, I want to remind you today that this simply is not true. Your worth is not counted by some points system or checklist the world has for your life. Your value is determined by one thing and one thing alone. Your value is determined by your creator. God knitted you together in your mother’s womb. He molded all of who you are just as He saw fit. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, in His very image! God sees you as so valuable that Jesus chose to die for you rather than be separated from you! That is where your value is, sisters. In the hands of the one true God, who made you, who knows all there is to know about you, and who loves you perfectly

Happy Mother's Day! - Mother's Day Encouragement - Minding the Kings

If you know anyone who could use some Mother’s Day encouragement, please feel free to share this with her. Show her that you are thinking of her, and that she is highly valued in the Lord!

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8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Encouragement

  1. Love this and your dear Moms letter. The truth is, the world wants us to have a score card, then we all feel as though we are trying to keep up with the expectations. And we almost always at some point feel we fail miserably. Tweeted and pinned.

    1. Thank you for sharing the post Karen! I totally agree, an I believe those expectations are designed to keep us looking at ourselves instead of keeping our eyes focused on the Lord.

  2. Such truth here! We can easily get caught up in what other’s think when all we really need to do is remember what God wants for us to do and rest in His never ending love. Great message Jennifer!

  3. I think men judge by work and women by families, but you are so right, there is still more ta life than mama or wife, women need their me time and God time and their own interests too.

    1. I have seen that a lot too, where for the most part men are judged by their performance at work, and women by their family and home. Thank you for visiting Rebecca!

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