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Morning Devotions – Humble and Carefree

“Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care on Him, because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6-7

Verse 7 here is a really popular one for Christians to cling to. I have seen it on coffee mugs, read it on social media statuses, and even quoted it myself when someone needed the reminder. It’s even used in lines from popular Christian songs we hear on the radio.

For example, the chorus of Cast My Cares by Finding Favor says, “I will cast my cares on You, You’re the anchor of my hope, the only one who’s in control. I will cast my cares on You, I’ll trade the troubles of this world, for Your peace inside my soul.”

In the song Healing Hand of God, Jeremy Camp sings, “Cast all your cares on Him, For He cares for you. He’s near to the broken and confused.”

It is a wonderful thing to know that we can give God everything, but I want to back it up a bit to verse 6. Before Peter tells us to cast our cares on God, he tells us to humble ourselves. I find it kind of funny in a way that we tend to skip over that part. Being humble is not part of our fallen nature! It is easier to let pride rise up and see ourselves as higher than we are (Romans 12:3!) However, in order to come to God and give him our cares, we have to be humble. Our pride says we can figure it out ourselves. That we are strong enough to handle it on our own. It is only in humility that we can come to God and say “I need you to take this, I can’t do it alone.”

Once we humble ourselves, then we can go to God with all our stuff. All our worries about finances, all the hard parts of parenting, all the concerns about our health, all the troubles in our marriage. He cares about it because He cares about us. He wants us to give it to Him so we can be carefree. God wants us to live joyfully (1 Thess 5:16-18). He wants us to live life to it’s fullest (John 10:10). The Lord wants us to have peace (Romans 15:13). But when we are holding onto those worries and fears, we aren’t trusting Him. We give up our joy and peace.

Then, when we give Him all of it, we need to stay humble to let Him keep it and deal with it. In our pride, or because we don’t fully trust Him, we will pick it back up. Stay humble and keep in mind that He is the only one who knows it all. He is more trustworthy than we are. He knows how all our stuff will turn out. Worrying does nothing but waste our time and steal our peace.

What are you holding today? Bitterness against someone for hurting you? Fears over a child’s health problem? Worry about the loss of an income? Frustration with your spouse about unmet expectations? Literally ANYTHING else?  Come humbly to God this morning and cast all your cares on Him. When you trust Him with it He will take care of it and you can live carefree.

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11 thoughts on “Morning Devotions – Humble and Carefree

  1. Such an important truth that true casting requires humility. When we cast, we don’t expect it back. Pride likes to monitor it and sometimes pick it up again. Thanks for this important post.

  2. Sometimes I struggle with the humility part. I must ask God daily to help me with this issue as I cast my cares on Him

  3. Yes, we definitely like to pull out verses that fit our current needs, don’t we?! Thanks for this reminder of the context – humbling ourselves. I struggle with pride myself, so the fact that he says to humble yourself before casting your cares on God is a great reminder!

  4. School just started and, while I love the routine, I need to remember to give our time and schedule to God. When I can be more open-handed with all we “need to” do, I’m able to see all God is already doing.

  5. Humility keeps us moldable. I like how you back up and point out this point on humility. It’s so important to read scripture in context – what comes before a verse and what follows it. Context gives us the bigger picture of God’s will for us. Humility is a big one. We cannot receive help from the Lord if we are holding onto our own ability to solve our problems. Thank you for your all-encompassing exhortation of scripture. 🙂

  6. Dear Jennifer!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I love that verse, too. You have a point there about missing the part of being humble 🙂

    What I like most about being a Christian is that the perspective is that God is number one, our neighbour number two and then us; we’re never number one.

    With love!
    Edna Davidsen

  7. I love how you express the idea of humility before God. This especially hit me, “He wants us to give it to Him so we can be carefree.” What a beautiful way to see God. Yes, of course he wants me to be carefree. To put it all on him. But I don’t always see it through the troubles. Thank you for your reminder.

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