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The Joy-Worship Connection – A Guest Post!

“As Christians, worship is a big part of our faith. I dare say, its one of the most important things we do! Worship is knit into the very fiber of who we are as new creations in Christ. Before we came to know Him, we didn’t worship Him, and we didn’t have true joy in our lives. Further, since we didn’t have the joy of the Lord, we were unable to worship Him! Now that we know God, glorifying Him brings us joy, and that joy bursts out of us in the form of worship! I call this cycle the Joy-Worship Connection.”

Today I had my first guest post published! I am blessed to have been able to collaborate with Cathy McIntosh at All through the month of September she’s focusing on the joy of the Lord and how we can hold on to that joy in our day to day lives.

My post is about the connection between our joy and worshiping the One True King that gives us real joy. Not the joy of the world, that comes and goes with each new fad and with material things. We’re talking about the joy that we can have knowing this life is not all there is, and that if we love and follow Jesus we will spend eternity with Him. The joy that comes from knowing that the hard things we go through are all temporary, and even they have a purpose. We have the joy of the Lord, that grows in us as a fruit of the Spirit. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Sometimes in life we are so full of that joy that we can’t help but let it out as worship. Other times we find ourselves overburdened and worried, with the flame of our joy flickering. That same worship that overflowed out of us when the joy was front and center, can be the very tool we use to stoke the fire and bring the joy back into our hearts.

To learn more about what I call, “The Joy-Worship Connection”, follow this link over to Thank you for your support!

11 thoughts on “The Joy-Worship Connection – A Guest Post!

  1. Joy. I have to admit, I’m a pretty serious person. I’ve been accused of being joyless or at least melancholy more than once in my life. You raise a great point. My heart and my body are connected. When I offer my body as a living sacrifice in worship, I get joy in return. When I am joyful, I celebrate the reason for my joy, Jesus who saved me.
    This is a great reminder of the heart-body connection in the life of believers. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on your guest blog post! And yes, I love worship, too. It brings me into a deeper awareness of the presence of God. I am not sure why music does that for me, but when I worship, I can feel God more closely. That brings me the best joy of all. Blessings! Lisa Q

  3. Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for sharing.

    The most important function of worshipping is that it is giving faith a physical form. That is a condition for sharing the faith with others.

    Guest posting can be a very powerful way of creating connections, congrats πŸ™‚

    Edna Davidsen

  4. Hi Jennifer, I agree that worship flows out naturally as an expression of the fullness of one’s heart after encountering the love and grace of God. I find that I feel the closest to God when I worshipping Him – you know that feeling of heart swelling and almost overflowing with tears? Only an authentic worship experience can cause such a powerful surge of emotions.

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