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Foil Dryer Balls – Test This Thursday

Welcome to my first weekly Test This Thursday post!

Every week on Thursdays I will be posting about my adventures in testing out all sorts of ideas from across the internet. I will pin the ideas I test, and my post about it, onto my Pinterest “Test This Thursday” board which you can find here >>¬†https://www.pinterest.com/mindingthekings/test-this-thursday-minding-the-kings/ .

This week I tested the idea of foil dryer balls. The chatter about them is that they are much cheaper than dryer sheets because you can use them many times over. They don’t add any chemicals or scents to your clothes, and they do just as good of a job of taking the static out of and softening your clothes.

In chatting with some other moms about this, I found that some were concerned about the edges of the foil catching their clothing, leaving some snags and pilling on the fabrics. A couple moms also asked, “Wouldn’t that spark and catch your dryer on fire?” There is only one way to find out!

Yesterday I finally tried it out. It is super simple, just rip off a couple good sized sheets of aluminum foil from your roll, and crunch them up into a ball. I did shiny side out, but I haven’t read anything that specifies if that makes a difference or not. Then I washed my laundry as usual, but when I put it into the dryer I tossed in my foil balls instead of the 1/3 of a dryer sheet I normally use. (That is another tip for you, if you do use dryer sheets, 1/3 of it does just as good of a job as a whole sheet, and using less saves you $$). I tested them on a regular load of mixed fabrics, a denim jeans load, a towels load, and a load of my husband’s work uniforms.

Did the foil balls live up to the hype?

The short answer from me is, YES!

In all 4 loads I only found 1 shirt of mine that still had static electricity in it and it crackled as I pulled it out of the laundry basket. The balls didn’t show any signs of wearing out, which leads me to believe that they *should* last for a while. I didn’t find any pilling or snags on the items I dried with the balls. Everything seemed just as soft as it always is, without any extra scents. Which made me think, this would be a good way to dry my husband’s hunting clothes so there’s no smell on them, while keeping them from getting scratchy!

One more thing I want to point out, NO DRYER FIRE! Yay!

Test This Thursday Results: Foil Dryer Balls – worked for me!

**If you find something  you would like me to try for a Test This Thursday, let me know in the comments, or send it to me on Pinterest. Thanks!

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