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DIY Dry Erase Board, and a Summer Memory Verse

Since I will be working on memorizing Bible verses with my big kids this summer, I decided I needed a way to display them. It needed to be something I can change easily as we change verses. Frequently seeing what you are trying to memorize helps you to retain it. So it also had to be something pretty enough to display. I came up with a DIY dry erase board to write our verses on!

This dry erase board was a super simple project I made using what I already had on hand. All you need is scrapbook paper, a picture frame, scissors, a dry erase marker, and a pen or pencil. I also used a printer, since my handwriting isn’t the prettiest. Keep in mind too, when choosing your paper pattern, pick one that will not hide the verse or be too busy for your eyes. Something simple that compliments your decor is best.

First I took the back out of the frame and used it to measure and cut my scrapbook paper to the right size. I made it an 8×10 so I had plenty of room for writing different length verses. I printed out what I wanted to have written at the top of the paper, and lined it up where I wanted it. Then I wrote hard over the printed words so it left indents in the paper underneath. Finally I wrote over the indented letter and put the paper in the frame. All of this took literally 10 minutes from start to finish.


I will be keeping the board in my kitchen, where we can all see it several times a day. I will be having my kids read it out loud every time they come in to get a snack or a drink, and before each meal. After all, God says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

The only thing left to do was write the memory verse on the glass. Since glass is a non-porous surface there is nothing special you need to do to it to make it dry erasable.

I chose this verse to teach my children because it’s something I always want them to remember.

God is not done with you yet! You are not perfect, but you’re getting better. God is still working on you, and He won’t be done until you get to heaven! He will not leave you unfinished.

I think it’s a good reminder to everyone really. Are you frustrated about making the same mistakes over and over? Remember that God is still working in you. Are you are asking, how can I still have so much to do after all the work and changes I’ve made so far? Remember, you won’t be completed until your days here on earth are finished. Philippians 1:6 is a scripture containing hope for our growth and our walk with God. He will not leave us the way we are. He is working in us.

So, let’s work together for these 2 weeks to really get this scripture into our hearts. Keep it close, ready for whenever we may need it.


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