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Comparison Girl – Review and Giveaway!

I have long been a woman who struggles with comparison and insecurity. Truth be told, I was taught from childhood that what people think of me is is one of the most important things in life. I learned that comparing myself to others was what I had to do to to make sure I was measuring up. To make sure people would think highly of me. The pressure was always there to be the most talented, the funniest, the prettiest, and so on. However, in the comparisons, I always found myself lacking. I was never the most talented. I was never the prettiest or funniest. This mindset of having to measure up and never being able to was torture, and left me with insecurity upon insecurity. Then recently I read the book Comparison Girl by Shannon Popkin, and it challenged my long held mindset.

I am a Comparison Girl

To realize you’ve been doing something wrong all your life is a hard pill to swallow. I realized it more and more the older I’ve gotten and the further I was on my walk with God. I learned phrases like “Comparison is the theif of joy.” And “God gives us all different gifts.” While I know these things in my mind, really understanding them to my core was another matter. There would be seasons where the measuring and the insecurities wouldn’t rise up much at all. Then later I would find them at the forefront of my mind once again. It just seemed to be the way my brain was wired.

Thankfully, God dropped an opportunity in my lap that He would use to work on changing me. I was given the book Comparison Girl for free in exchange for a review. They asked me to share my honest thoughts about the book. And my honest thoughts are: this is a powerful and God anointed book!

I have been a Comparison Girl. A girl who struggles with trying to measure up to the standards the world sets before us. I have accepted the enemy’s lies telling me that I am not good enough. I have wasted too much time thinking about what other people think of me and wallowing in insecurity. Too much of my life has been spent on worry and feeling defeated. But, God. He is in the process of freeing me from comparison. And he wants to free you too!

Comparison Girl book cover

Finding Freedom from Comparison

God is using this Bible study to free me from the pride of insecurity, from self centered thinking, and from the shame comparison brings. This book is not an end-all be-all for working through all the issues this mindset brings, or all the circumstances and choices that led to it. However it is a HUGE step in the right direction! Or, more accurately, a teaching of many practical steps toward the mindset and the life God wants us to have.

I strongly suggest working through Comparison Girl with your Bible, a notebook, and a pen at the ready. There are so many times you will want to write down a scripture Shannon Popkin includes, answer a question she asks, or expound on your reading with what the Lord is speaking to you. Each chapter is split in to manageable lessons, which makes it easy to do during short Bible study sessions. Each lesson and each chapter do an amazing job of breaking down what and why we compare, and meets us there with God’s word on the subject. Comparison Girl is a solid resource of God’s truth, and the truth will set you free!

Giveaway Time!

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I need freedom from comparison. I need that book!” Then I have some exciting news for you! Now until June 9th 2020, you could win a FREE copy of Comparison Girl! Just follow this link to publicist Audra Jenning’s page for the giveaway form!

About the Author

Shannon Popkin is a writer, speaker, and Bible teacher who loves pointing others to the truth of God’s Word. She combines her gifts for humor and storytelling with her passion for Jesus. She regularly speaks at Christian women’s events and retreats, encouraging women of all ages to put their hope in God.

Popkin is also a regular contributor for the Revive Our Hearts True Woman and Leader Connection blogs. Her articles have been published by Family Fun, Focus on the Family Magazine, MOMsense and others. She is the author of several books, including Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible, Influence: Building a Platform That Elevates Jesus (Not Me), and Comparison Girl: Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World.

Popkin and her husband, Ken, have been married for more than twenty years and live in West Michigan. They have three children—one in high school and two in college.

Connect with Shannon Popkin by visiting, following her on Facebook ( shanpopkin ), Instagram (shannonpopkin), or Twitter (@ShannonPopkin).

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  1. Wow, I’m so pleased that this book has encouraged you! May you continue to find new freedom, confidence, and joy in me-free living!

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