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Bible Journaling Round-up!

Have you ever noticed those art pieces people create in their Bibles and post pictures of on social media? I’ve found them all over Pinterest and Instagram. It’s called Bible Journaling, and it is often used as a way to study the Bible and get creative at the same time. Most contain some hand lettering of a specific scripture that means something to them. Many are accompanied by drawings that emphasize the meaning of the words. I have been fascinated with these journals since I first saw them, so I decided to try it for myself.

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Now, I am not very good at drawing. Nor do I currently own a journaling Bible. But just to play around a bit with it and try my hand at it I used a cheap Bible from a dollar store. I also grabbed some Ticonderoga #2 pencils and a 100 count box of Crayola colored pencils. I enjoy having lots of choices for colors to use. Here are two pictures of my first attempts.

Bible Journaling first tryBible Journaling Jonah









Just kind of ehh. I made these for Roman’s 10:15 and for Jonah. Can you tell that’s a little Jonah praying inside the fish?  Like I said, I’m no artist. So I started searching the internet for ideas on how to get started, supply recommendations, and art inspiration. Keep reading to find the highlights of what I found!


How to Get Started


How to Start Bible Journaling (For Beginners) by Arabah Joy is a great post that speaks to the heart of Bible journaling. It’s more about worshiping God and digging into His word than it is about the pretty pictures and fancy lettering. She also includes a journaling Bible recommendation, advice on choosing verses, and free printable Bible study sheets!


How to Bible Journal in 3 Easy Steps” by Amanda at Move the Mountains was one of my favorites “getting started” posts that I found! She talks about the different ways to journal, using a Bible study or devotional for inspiration, and about how to find the time to do it! She also includes links to sign up for free journaling e-courses!


How to Get Startede Bible Journaling

The post “How to Get Started Bible Journaling- the Basics” by Tara at Feels Like Home is a great guide. I love how she gives examples of very simple journaling entries, and more complex pieces of Bible art. Her post includes a breakdown of her process and a short beginner supply list.


Bible Journaling Cheap

How to Start Bible Journaling Cheap with Every Day Things” was a great post for me to find. I just don’t have the extra cash right now to run out and buy tons of more professional supplies! But Tiffany at Hope Joy in Christ assures us that you don’t have to have all the fancy supplies to get started. When you are just beginning, it might be best to use an extra Bible you already have, some basic colored pencils, and her free printable Bible reading plan. I also loved her post on “How to Teach Bible Journaling to a 5-Year-Old“.


In case you’re like me and want to study all you can on something before you get started, some more posts about getting started with journaling are: “How to Start Bible Journaling for Beginners” from Sarah Laughed, “Bible Journaling for Beginners: How to Get the Most out of Your Bible Study” from The Soul Scripts, “Bible Journaling: A Creative Way to Study God’s Word” from Pitter and Glink, and “Bible Journaling for Beginners” from Homemade Lovely.


The Supply List

If you are wanting to jump right in with better quality supplies for your journaling adventure, I did find a some great lists!



This blog post called “Bible Journaling Supply List for Beginners” from The Holy Mess is a great resource for Bible journaling supply ideas. They include lists for a basic kit and an upgraded kit, and offer a free printable list as well!


Bible Journaling Supplies

Lauren from Thinking closet has an awesome post called “My 20 Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies” that I really enjoyed exploring. Her list includes a Bible recomendation, favorite pens, colored pencils, stickers, stamps and more! I thought it was a great all around list. I like that she has put these particular supplies to the test and gives examples of journaling entries she’s created with each one.


A couple of other blog posts about journaling supplies are”The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Bible Journaling Supplies” from A Love Worth Living For,  “My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies” from Little Faith Blog, and “Bible Journaling Supplies” by Written Reality.



More Ideas to Get Creative

Bible Journaling Hacks for the Artistically Challenged


I really enjoyed the post “Bible Journaling Hacks for the Artistically Challenged” by Amanda at Big Family Blessings. Since I am, in fact, artistically challenged, I love all the tips on how to work around your weaknesses to create beautiful pieces of art in your Bible.


Micro Bible Journaling

Lil at Embracing the Lovely has a bunch of Bible journaling posts I loved looking through. One of them was “Why You Need to Micro Bible Journal in Your Bible“. Since I don’t yet have a Bible with the wide margins for journaling in, this post inspired me to work with what I do have. This method concentrates on documenting specific things that jumped out at you during your study time, and recording prayers or victories in your walk with the Lord. Lil offers an email micro-journaling challenge as well. Some of her other posts I enjoy are “How (and why) to do Journaling Tip-ins”,  “7 creative Ways for Using Washi Tape in Bible Journaling“,  and “Easy Mini-collage Ideas for Bible Journaling in the Margins“.


Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling

Another post I found super helpful is “Use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling” by Bethany at The Southern Couture. Since I’m not very good at drawing, I love the idea of tracing a coloring page instead of drawing freehand. She includes a link to some free printable coloring pages, and she has a free journaling ecourse as well. She has other posts about techniques and ideas for Bible journaling, including “My Top 3 Tips for Successful Bible Journaling Entries” and “Adding Extra Embellishments to Bible Journaling Entries“.


I found several other posts about getting creative with journaling too! Check out these “Free Coffee and Jesus Bible Journaling Printables” and tips for journaling on a budget from Garments of Splendor. This tutorial on “Mixed Media Bible Journaling – Bubble Wrapping the Rainbow” from Illustrated Faith looks like a lot of fun. “Bible Journaling when You Don’t Have a Journaling Bible” is a great resource from The Littlest Way. I also found Taz and Belly which has lots of printables for Bible journaling, including these “Speech Bubble Embellishments“.


There are endless pictures saved to Pinterest of Bible journal art other people have created. They vary from simple embellished wording to complex full page artwork. I have saved a bunch of the ones I’ve found to my Pinterest board “Bible Journaling Inspiration” in the hope that they inspire you too!

I’ve also added this ESV Journaling Bible to my Amazon wish list, so I can continue to journal in a Bible that is made just for this type of studying and creative expression. I have washi tape and letter stickers on my list now too!


So, are you inspired to start Bible journaling? Do you know of other journaling resources you could share? Which of these is your favorite post? What do you think of my first attempts? Let’s chat in the comments!



16 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Round-up!

  1. I have seen this done on people’s bible but I have not tried it yet because I think it would block me from reading the words or for highlighting a verse or section. I think it looks beautiful but not yet ready to try. I guess I could buy a separate Bible for this kind of journaling. Thanks for all the great information. God bless

    1. Depending on how you do it, it can make parts of your Bible unreadable. Some of the resources, however, talk about adding “tip-ins” or fastening blank pages into your Bible to draw on instead! That is one idea I thought was great because I had the same concerns as you to start with.

  2. Have never seen those before! To be honest I do not think I would be into Bible Journaling personally. But it sounds like a fun idea for those who are creative (and have time to be creative lol). Thank you for the information!

  3. Wow – never even dreamed of drawing in my Bibles – I use a highlighter and have written reference points in the margin – wow! Draw?! Hmmm may be I will give it a go.

  4. Dear Jennifer!

    Sure, we live in a new world. It’s amazing how many possibilities we have to learn about the gospel these days.

    These are great sources for Christians with a creative mind.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Edna Davidsen

  5. I am so excited to have all these resources together. I do not do this type of journaling within the pages of my Bible because I use my Bible as my prayer journal. I bought a small sketchbook and that is where I Bible journal. I find that this type of artistic journaling has helped expand my scripture meditation. The activity helps keep my mind focused on the scripture.

  6. My Bible journaling journey began early this year. I’ve learned so much and retained it because of the journaling process. This would have been a great read for me in the beginning. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I bought such a Bible for my daughter’s birthday a couple of years ago. I should get one for myself too. Working through scripture this way seems like it would be better than therapy.
    Great post!

  8. This is very cool! I’m no artists, but drawing does help embed the word into our heart and mind. It is definitely a creative outlet! These are great resources. My daughter-in-law is one that would catch on quickly to this. I will share these resources and your blog post with her. Thank you! 🙂

  9. Got to be honest, artistic types kind of scare me. Just being real. I too have no artistic ability with colors and such. Good old-fashioned word journaling is just right for me. BUT, I know many people who are and would love the ideas you presented. So on behalf of the artistic people who scare me and would benefit from Bible Journaling, thanks!
    On a more serious note, art is a tremendous way of expressing our inner joy or inner turmoil. It’s used in worship throughout the Church, and I’ve seen others really draw close to the Lord in times of corporate worship as they paint. It’s really a sight to behold. Thanks for tapping in to that.

    1. You (they) are welcome Chip! Once in a church service I was blessed to see an artist creating pictures with sand that were projected above the pastor while he was preaching. I believe it was for a Christmas service. It really took the message to another level to watch it be illustrated that way in real time! So I totally get what you’re saying about drawing close to the Lord through art as worship!

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